We’re not about short-cuts but we realise that in our busy lives, every moment matters. As we get done with Diwali and approach the festive season, we bring you the first edition of our SOHFIT 21Day Intensive Challenge – starting 4 th November 2019. End the year stronger, faster, better!

#theSOHFIT21DayIntensiveChallenge is designed to test you in new ways and features different elements when compared to #theSOHFIT40DayChallenge. This challenge will push your limits and is only suitable for those who are totally committed to working hard and making a change to their existing lifestyle - you must be willing to give it everything.

The Challenge has three main components: 

1. Workouts/exercises that cater to all levels;

2. Nutrition guidance developed by a qualified nutritionist that aims to instil long-term lifestyle change - participants are given a list of Dos and Don'ts along with a flexible meal plan and recipes to complement their training, as well as daily coaching on how they can improve their eating/diet habits; and 

3. An online community of people doing the Challenge alongside one another, which promotes both camaraderie and accountability. 

Challenge Begins:  4th November, 2019

Registrations close 25th October. 

Email info@sohfit.com


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