Will the Challenge help me lose weight?

The focus of the Challenge is to become fitter, faster and stronger over a short period. 21 days is a quick burst of intensity designed to elevate your fitness. Generally, we believe that focusing on fitness goals is far more productive than focusing on a number on the scale.

I have an injury or serious medical condition, can I join the 21 Day Intensive Challenge?

If you have an injury or condition that does not allow you to squat, lunge, run, jump, or perform other high intensity movements then we ask that you do not sign up for the 21 Day Intensive Challenge. If you’re not sure, we recommend you first speak to your physio or doctor and ask them whether a high intensity program would be suitable for you. With their advice in hand, if you’re still not sure please contact us at info@sohfit.com.

I have never exercised before, can I join this Challenge?

No, this particular SOHFIT Challenge isn’t suitable for those who have never exercised before. Instead, please check out our SOHFIT 40 Day Challenge starting on 19th April too - this is the one for you!

Can I enroll for just the nutrition or workouts on the Challenge?

No, the Challenge is curated so that the workouts complement your nutrition. It is a holistic program, so we ask you to participate in all aspects. We do offer stand-alone workout and nutrition options as well, for more information please see here:

I am pregnant or have recently delivered (including breastfeeding), can I do the Challenge?

Unless you have been working out at a high intensity for a while, this may not be the best time for you to take up the 21 Day Intensive Challenge - our 40 Day Challenge may be a better option for you. Either way, please speak to your doctor and obtain written permission from them in order to participate in a high impact program. In terms of nutrition, we don't enforce any specific diet plan, so it will be possible for you to eat as per your doctor's guidelines and not worry about calorie restrictions or the like. The Challenge is all about eating wholesome, nutritious food in quantities that are suitable for you and your stage of life. In the event that your doctor has asked you to eat anything specific that falls outside the Do's and Don'ts guidelines (which you receive upon signing up), we are happy to make an exception for you. If you would like to discuss further after speaking to your doctor, please contact us at info@sohfit.com.

How do you take into account PCOD/PCOS?

PCOD/PCOS is something that is, of course, best managed in consultation with your doctor. However, general medical advice for those experiencing PCOD/PCOS is that eating healthily and ensuring an active lifestyle are crucial factors in combating the condition. So in that sense, the Challenge is very suitable for women with PCOD/PCOS, without requiring any specific modifications. We have had dozens of women with PCOD/PCOS participate. We also do not prescribe a specific diet, so you are free to work within our Nutritional Guidelines to eat in a way that best suits you.

How would it work if I have to travel during the Challenge?

If you can’t workout due to a flight, that’s ok, but we will encourage you to stick to the Challenge as best you can for all 21 days.

How does the time difference work if I’m outside India?

We regularly have people from all over the world on our Challenges, from New Zealand to the West Coast! We send you the workouts the day before, so you can do them the next day in your own time. Where possible, we also try to group you with people in similar timezones.

How is the 21 Day Challenge different from the 40 Day Challenge?

The intensity of the workouts is the key difference. As mentioned, these workouts are not for everyone and we will be pushing you to your limits!



What is your nutrition philosophy?

We believe that the simplest approach is often the best one. BUT, don’t confuse simple with ineffective! We ask you to avoid refined foods and focus on eating a balanced diet of wholesome food from all food groups. Being truly healthy takes time, dedication and discipline. In our opinion, health is not just about looking a certain way, but it is a complete state of mental, physical and social wellbeing.

How does the food work during the Challenge?

At its most basic level, we ask you to follow a set of Do’s and Don’ts. The Do's and Don'ts is a comprehensive list that differentiates foods that are high in nutritional value from those that are not. We urge you to avoid refined sugar, alcohol, potato, wheat, fried and processed foods during the Challenge. To accompany the Do’s and Don’ts, we also provide a set of nutritional principles and guidelines, and over 50 healthy recipes to help you find a way of eating healthily that is unique to you and your body. Our coaches will also help ensure that your food remains on point and is well balanced. The whole aim of the program is not to be overly restrictive, but rather to help you kick start a way of clean eating that we hope will last long beyond the 21 days you spend with us.

Does the Challenge cater to vegetarians and vegans as well as non-vegetarians?

Yes, our Do’s and Don’ts will allow you to eat a healthy diet that also aligns with your preferences.

Will I be given a meal plan?

No. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, so we do not provide meal plans as part of the Challenge because it is a group program and everyone has different needs. We do offer individualised nutrition guidance separately via our Online Fitness Plans.

Can I use a meal plan from my nutritionist?

Depending on what your nutritionist has sent, you should be able to stick to it throughout the Challenge as long as it fits within the Do’s and Don’ts that we set out. Should you wish for us to take a look at your current nutrition plan and advise to what extent it would work within the Challenge, please don't hesitate to send it across to info@sohfit.com.

Will there be any cheat/treat days during the Challenge?

No, we’ll be eating clean for 21 days.

Can I eat regular home cooked food?

Absolutely, the simplest approach is often the best one. In terms of Indian food, we allow all beans/lentils and vegetables except potato, all millets (nachni, ragi, bajra etc), as well as jowar, oats and quinoa. A little ghee is also fine, as is curd and paneer. All meat except pork is allowed if you're non-vegetarian. So there's plenty to work with in terms of Indian staples.

Will I be given time to prepare my pantry?

Yes, as soon as you complete the sign-up process you will receive an email with everything you’ll need in order to plan ahead.

What fitness level should I be to join the Challenge?

Due to the intense nature of this Challenge, we ask that anyone who is new to exercise or who is carrying an injury not to sign up for this edition - instead, our next 40 Day Challenge, starting on 19th April, would be the best one for you! Otherwise, if you’ve been exercising and feel confident that you can handle a high intensity program, then we’d love to have you on board! Be prepared to work hard!

What equipment will I need?

You will need at least two sets of weights (a lighter set of dumbbells and a set of kettlebells for upper body and a heavier set of dumbbells and a set of kettlebells for lower body), a sturdy chair or stool that you can step onto, a skipping rope, if you can skip, a yoga mat, a foam roller and a lacrosse ball. With regard to weight selection, it is difficult to say what you should get because everyone has very different levels of strength, so what is heavy for one person might be light for the next. But as a rough guide, a total novice may wish to work with a 3-5kg set for arms and 5-7.5kg set for legs.

Will I be working one-on-one with a coach?

There is no exclusive one-on-one coaching during the Challenge (for this, we have the Online Fitness Plans), but you would be on a WhatsApp group with SOHFIT coaches. The group is a friendly space where people are free to ask any questions and the coaches will answer all their questions. The same applies for workouts - any questions can be posted on the group and the coaches will respond. We also strongly encourage you to send short videos so that our coaches can help you correct your form.

Can I see a sample workout so that I know what to expect?

Our workouts focus on both high intensity interval training and strength work. No two SOHFIT workouts are the same, so you can expect to see a wide variety of exercises and formats. Demo videos will accompany each exercise in the workouts that you are sent on the Challenge, so you’ll know how to perform each movement.

Will the workouts be customised?

This is a group program, so we do not tailor workouts to individuals (for this, please check out our Online Fitness Plans). If you have an injury or condition that requires some minor modifications, then the coaches will be able to offer suggestions for alternatives as needed.


Do I have to be part of the WhatsApp group?

Yes, this is an integral aspect of the Challenge. Being part of a community of people doing the Challenge at the same time as you will help hold you accountable and is also a great source of inspiration.

If you would prefer to do a solo program, please check out our, please check out our Online Fitness Plans.

Will the coaches provide individual feedback on the groups?

Yes, if your food is amiss or you send videos of your workouts, our coaches will be prompt in guiding you to perform to the best of your ability.