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Launched in October 2017, SOHFIT was started on a very simple premise: there has to be more to getting fit than spending fruitless hours on boring workouts and impossible-to-implement diets.


SOHFIT’s highly personalised and individually tailored programmes focus on keeping it simple and going back to basics. At SOHFIT we strongly believe that every wellness regime must have an X-factor. At SOHFIT, that X-factor is having fun and being part of a community.


SOHFIT is more than just a workout, it’s a lifestyle. It is about feeling good, both on the inside and outside. Through SOHFIT’s online (Online Fitness Plans, Virtual Training & the Challenges) and offline offerings (Bootcamps & Personal Training in Mumbai), Sohrab and his team of experienced coaches aim to change people’s perspective on fitness. 


20,000+ Lives Impacted

Formulated With A Scientific Approach To Training

Connect, learn and grow with a community of fitness enthusiasts

About Sohrab


“Don’t train for a special occasion, train for a special life”.

Sohrab is a lawyer by profession and a coach by choice. Having been a lawyer for over a decade with some of the finest law firms in India and Singapore, Sohrab gave up a career in law to pursue his passion for fitness which had remained a constant since a young age when he played cricket at the youth levels in Mumbai.


He launched SOHFIT in 2017 to share his way of looking at fitness and movement with a growing community of people who align with the same ideas and principles. His core belief is that fitness needs to become a way of life. 

Sohrab grew to become a certified Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, a Ready State Coach Level 2 and a Level 1 RFT certified coach among many other growing qualifications. Constantly upscaling his capabilities, Sohrab also further pursued qualifications across  Rehab Trainer Essentials, the Rehab Trainer Masterclass, and the Art of Breath 101 Course training.

He has worked with the Pro Kabaddi League, training over 100 players as well as trained celebrated cricketer Robin Uthappa. He is regularly contributing as a fitness expert with HT Brunch and was also voted the Vogue Fitness Expert of the year in 2019.

With SOHFIT he intends to make fitness accessible and attainable by anyone from around the world. With this intent, he has recently launched The RFT India Movement in association with Da Rulk (Chris Hemsworth's Personal Trainer).

The SOHFIT flagship 21 and 40 day online and offline challenges built by Sohrab combine fitness, clean eating and community along with access to professional coaches at all times. Sohrab also conducts regular bootcamps as well as one-on-one training.

Since it’s inception, SOHFIT has impacted 20,000 + lives. With the hands-on personal approach, it is no surprise that some of the members of our community have now become family.

In his own words, the journey has just begun and his endeavor is to be an effective coach and guide to as many people as possible to live a healthier life.

SOHFIT by Sohrab Khushrushahi
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