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sohrab buddy fitness program



Studies have shown that working out with a partner has more benefits than hitting the weights or treadmill solo. Catching up with your BFF is fun. Kicking each other’s ass and laughing together—even better! That’s the beauty of the SOHFIT buddy programme, think of it as a date you can’t cancel.

Each client will undergo an evaluation process before starting with the training programme. Our qualified physiotherapist will evaluate each client and identify any muscle imbalances, joint mobility and range of motion restrictions.

Based on the findings of the screening and analysis, the SOHFIT team will create a comprehensive fitness regime. In each session, the SOHFIT coach will push the boundaries each individual has created for themselves bit by bit.

For details and more information please email or call us on +91 83558 17453.

Kindly note: All our Programs/Challenges are Non-refundable.

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