The problem with training today is that everyone follows a set pattern borrowed from what is shown on the internet or what worked for a friend. What people need to realize is that each individual is different. A diet that worked for one person need not work for the other. Some people need to work more on their endurance than on their strength. Fitness is way more than the latest fad on the internet. Every individual is unique in his/her own way.

While weight loss is important, it is nothing but a by-product of consistent hard work. Hard work becomes natural and effortless when a person is having fun and that's what SOHfit is about. Each client will undergo a stringent evaluation process before starting with SOHfit, including:

Sohrab will then, based on the findings of the screening and analysis, create a fitness regime which, in addition to physical training, will cover:

  • nutrition solutions;

  • re-hab and physiotherapy sessions (if required); and

  • motivational coaching.

Each personal training session is designed to improve an individual's overall fitness levels while focusing on identified problem areas. In each session, Sohrab will push the boundaries each individual has created for themselves bit by bit. Each session is different and will focus on different muscle groups.

Additionally, every quarter, the client will undergo a fresh screening process to show improvements in fitness levels and assess how his or her body has changed


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ONE - A tailored screening process/evaluation by a qualified physio therapist to understand muscular functionality, joint mobility and range of motion; and


TWO - A diet and lifestyle analysis.



Working on the premise that fitness and fun go hand in hand, Sohrab has conceptualised a structured boot camp. These sessions are designed to improve the overall fitness levels of every individual. There is no space for limits and individuals are motivated to push beyond thoughts of "" and "”. The work outs are designed to be efficient and make every single minute count.

Each session will focus on different muscle groups through a combination of weight training and cardio to keep the heart-rate elevated throughout the workout. Each session will have 12 participants. Prior to beginning the first session, our experts will be available for a complete consultation and chat.

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Some things are better together.

Studies have shown that working out with a partner has more benefits than hitting the weights or treadmill solo. Catching up with your BFF is fun. Kicking each other's ass and laughing together—even better! That's the beauty of the SOHfit buddy programme, think of it as a date you can’t cancel.

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In today’s age of constant travel, SOHfit also offers long distance solutions for all fitness needs. Sometimes an individual's job might need him/her to be constantly on the road. The SOHfit team is available for online consultations and tailor made fitness and nutrition plans.


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