The SOHFIT 40 Day Challenge combines fitness, clean eating and community along with expert coaching for 40 days. You can be anywhere in the world and at any fitness level. All you need is the passion to make a lifestyle change and allow us to help you do it. Check out the video for more details: https://youtu.be/g-5r8NJZB4g

Now, more than ever, is the time to take out 40 mins of your day for yourself. We are here to help you use this time productively to look after your health and wellbeing! Be part of the tribe!


The key components of the Challenge are:


1.     IT’S ONLINE. All you need is your phone to communicate with us via WhatsApp.


2.     ANYONE CAN DO IT. You can be at any level of fitness as long as you have the desire to better yourself and       change your lifestyle. We are here to help you transform and reach your goal. 

  • The Challenge features carefully curated workouts that have been developed and rigorously tested by the SOHFIT team.

  • We will provide you with workouts that can be done anywhere – including your living room!

  • There will be bodyweight options, as well as weighted workouts for those who have access to equipment. Everyone will need a sturdy bench/stool/chair to step or jump onto, and a skipping rope would be great if you can skip.

  • Workouts are sent out daily with video tutorials, you complete them in your own time and we encourage you to share your videos so that you can be coached on form and performance.


3.    WE PROVIDE YOU WITH A CLEAN EATING STRATEGY. You will receive nutrition guidelines developed in partnership with a qualified nutritionist that aims to instil long-term lifestyle change. For 40 days we focus on good, simple, wholesome nutrition. 


4.     WE’RE WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. You will be welcomed to our online community wherein we place you on an exclusive SOHFIT 40 Day WhatsApp group, spearheaded by dedicated SOHFIT coaches who aim to guide you on a transformative journey of fitness and will also include other Challenge participants. This online group has been instrumental in the success of all journeys, as peer groups help you to stay motivated, learn more and become fitter, stronger and better.

The Cost

The cost of 40 days of workouts, with food guidelines developed by a qualified nutritionist and access to constant support from the senior SOHFIT team as well as other participants on the Challenge, is INR 300 per day (i.e. INR 12,000 + 18% GST for 40 days). So, the total is INR 14,160.

Registrations are now closed for  the 20th April edition. To register your interest, please fill in your details in the button "Register Your Interest"  below and you will receive a notification when our next Challenge date is confirmed. 

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