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sohfit kickstarter fitness program



The SOHFIT Kickstarter Program is a 2 week long online program designed to the needs of absolute beginners and those restarting their fitness journey. Remember it’s never too late to take the first step. With a supportive approach to training and nutrition, this program will help you make fitness a part of your journey. 



Have never worked out before or never followed a regular workout routine.

Want to get back into a fitness and wellness routine after a hiatus

Are prone to injuries or have any pre existing conditions


3 Zoom Sessions per week to ensure your form is corrected

5x workouts per week

Accountability with Exercise and Nutrition Tracking

A fun and supportive SOHFIT community

Workouts accessibility on SOHFIT Microsite

Nutritional Guidelines by Kinita Kadakia

Whatsapp group spearheaded by Sohrab and SOHFIT coaches

Workout anytime and anywhere



Recovery and mobility work

We will get the basics right to progress well

Form check on technique for fundamental movements

Build endurance and stamina

Build strength & introduce weights gradually

Revisit the basics and improve them if needed

Rework the techniques on fundamental movements

Improve endurance and stamina

Rebuild strength & introduce weights gradually


- Join the Zoom LIVE from 7.30 AM IST; OR

- Follow along the recording of the Live session, which will be shared on the WhatsApp group post the session; OR

- If none of these options suit you, you can use our SOHFIT microsite and workout by clicking on the demo videos. 


12TH JUNE, 2023

 INR 7500 + GST

*Nutrition tracking is optional. You may choose not to report your food summaries if you are travelling or have other reasons. 


Thanks for submitting!

  • How does the 40 Day Challenge work?
    The 40 Day Challenge brings together people who have the same goal - to get better! We put everyone on a WhatsApp group depending upon your country and training experience along with Sohrab and 5 other coaches. We give you nutritional guidelines to follow for 40 days and a properly vetted workout plan for 40 days - tried and tested! We expect you to follow the same and update us everyday on whether you have worked out, eaten well - this allows for accountability, building a community and an update to the coaches.
  • Who is it for?
    Everyone! Designed by Sohrab and his team of expert coaches at SOHFIT, the program is tailored to align with your training age, considering the duration you've consistently devoted to strength training throughout your life.
  • What will the workouts be like?
    40 days are divided into 3 different phases, focusing on making you stronger, and fitter, improving your cardiovascular fitness, and helping you move better Different workouts basis your training experience 5 workouts each week (training + run days) with a mobility day and a full rest day Workouts are shared in advance with Demo videos a day prior so you can do it at your convenience Live Zoom sessions on training days with access to recordings which you may follow along too. Online LIVE session timings: 7:00am and 8:00am IST, basis your training experience and 7:00 PM IST. Option to send videos and get form feedback from the Coaches
  • What is the duration of the workouts?
    The workouts should not take more than 60 minutes including your mobility and warm up.
  • What will the nutrition tracking be like?
    We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, so we do not provide meal plans as part of the Challenge because it is a group program and everyone has different needs. But we will give nutrition guidelines and there is optional nutrition tracking available if you take the plan with nutrition tracking. Nutrition guidelines by Kinita Kadakia Patel These are Do’s and Don’ts, not a meal plan.We will be following a 5:2 principle during the the course of the program We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, so we do not provide meal plans as part of the Challenge because it is a group program and everyone has different needs. Optional Tracking available - If you opt for nutrition tracking, you will receive feedback from the Coaches on how to improve your meals.
  • How will you be accountable?
    If you have opted for nutrition tracking, we will ask you for Daily Summaries at the end of the day of your diet and whether you have done your workout or not on the WhatsApp group These summaries will be moderated by the SOHFIT coaches giving feedback where required and motivation If you have not opted for tracking, we will still track whether you have done your workout or not Those who have not reported, will be sent a reminder the next day
  • What equipment is required?
    Weights (At least 2 sets of dumbbells, kettlebells etc) Foam Roll Workout mat Bench/Sturdy Chair Skipping rope (if you can skip) Tip: Everyone has very different levels of strength but as a rough guide, a total novice may wish to work with a 3-5kg set for the upper body and a 5- 7.5kg set for the lower body.
  • How do I select weights for myself?
    Weight selection is extremely subjective but crucial at the same time. One person’s ‘heavy’ may be another person’s ‘light’. You need to pick a weight that is comfortable for you so you don’t mess up your form but is also challenging at the same time. It’s always good to do a couple of test reps and keep all your weights ready before you commence your workout. As a rough guide, a total novice may wish to work with a 3-5kg set for arms and 5-7.5kg set for legs.
  • How do you take into account PCOD/PCOS?
    PCOD/PCOS is something that is, of course, best managed in consultation with your doctor. However, general medical advice for those experiencing PCOD/PCOS is that eating healthily and ensuring an active lifestyle are crucial factors in combatting the condition. So in that sense, the Challenge is very suitable for women with PCOD/PCOS, without requiring any specific modifications. We have had dozens of women with PCOD/PCOS participate. We also do not prescribe a specific diet, so you are free to work within our Nutritional Guidelines to eat in a way that best suits you.


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