What We Offer

Our online programs (Weekly & Prenatal) feature personalised workout plans (with the option of personalised nutrition plans) that are thoughtfully and rigorously designed by SOHFIT Coaches. You can be anywhere in the world, at any fitness level, and with access to minimal or NO equipment. All you need is the passion to make a lifestyle change and to allow us to help you do it!


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The Online Programs are formulated with a Scientific Approach by our highly qualified Coaches, using tried and tested methods. Our programs are goal-oriented with an emphasis on making you better.


Fitness doesn't develop overnight. Our Online Programs are designed with the logic of consistency in mind, and we expect you to stick to the plan and give it your best every day. 


Individuality and Accountability are key here and your SOHFIT Coach is with you every step of the way - they design your plans, motivate you and provide detailed feedback on all videos and food logs that you send in.


We have coached over 7000 + people online to change their lives and relationship with mind, body, food and exercise. Our dedicated Coaches work hard to maintain the essence of human touch and interaction, whilst the online format allows you to do things at your own pace.


Nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand, which is why we work with a qualified nutritionist who can create a specialised nutrition plan that aligns with the workouts that we design for you.

Why Do Our Plans Work?
Feel part of a community ☑️
Perfect programming ☑️
Personalised for me ☑️
Fun workouts☑️
Happy client ☑️

Kavita Sunderrajan, Chennai

I have to begin by saying I am addicted to Sohfit workouts. 

I am the fittest I have been in my life right now with an enthusiasm to achieve more in terms of fitness and wellness because that's the biggest concept I have learnt through sohfit. From only thinking about the numbers on the weighing scale to now talking about doing challenging workouts - has been the biggest shift for me. I was always scared to lift weights due to bad experiences earlier but this workout program is changing that notion each workout at a time in a way that suits my body. The workouts are just killer and there is so much vareity to it that it's so much fun to do it everyday. This is by far the best workout program I have done. 

Neha Vasishta

What We Offer

It's Online, so all you need is access to your email and WhatsApp to communicate with your personal coach.

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There will be bodyweight options as well as weighted workouts for those who have access to equipment.


You can be at any level of fitness as long as you have the desire to be better and improve your lifestyle.


We will provide you with workouts that can be done anywhere - including your own home!


Workouts are sent with video tutorials, so you complete them in your own time, and we encourage you to share your videos with us so that you can be coached on form and performance.


We will provide you with an easy clean eating strategy through the add-on nutrition program.

Nutrition Package
Nutrition offerings
  • Detailed forms for you to fill in, to help us learn more about you and your food habits

  • Taking into consideration any pre-existing health conditions you may have to build a plan with recommendations suitable for you

  • One virtual meeting with our nutritionist

  • A bi-weekly call to keep you on track

  • Maintaining and sharing your daily food journal


This is an ADD ON plan.

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The SOHFIT Weekly Plan

This plan is for someone who is quite confident of their movements and can learn basic techniques via the tutorial videos that we provide.

A personalised workout plan sent to you every weekend for the upcoming week

Weekly contact with your SOHFIT Coach

Weekly Plan

If you’ve been exercising regularly and have fallen pregnant, our qualified coaches can help you stay fit during your pregnancy. 

Your personalised program will include three functional training days and regular contact from your SOHFIT coach.

Weekly contact with your SOHFIT Coach

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