I’ve always been fit, and losing weight has never been an issue for me. I’ve worked out regularly for 14 years done it all; crossfit, zumba, yoga, pilates, bootcamps and anything that had any relationship to fitness. I met Sohrab for consultation because I had hit a wall with my training and unable to go past a certain fitness limit across the board. I couldn’t squat heavier weights, my arms were always sore and I had weak glutes despite going to the gym 6 days a week. 


His goals for me were completely tailored to my needs and only set once he spoke to me at length and sent me to a physiotherapist to check out the smallest details of every muscle movement in my body. He helped me realize that there are certain muscles I keep working and overworking, while others are neglected completely and my overall strength was lacking. The program is thoughtfully put together for me every week based on my fitness goals, what I’ve done last week and my travel schedule. 


He has worked hands-on with me for three months via consultation and my weight has stayed exactly the same- hardly a difference of one kg. However the results on my body composition and appearance have been dramatic. I am not only feeling much more toned and sculpted, I have gotten so strong! So many exercises that I was unable to get past certain numbers on, I am flying through and getting stronger by the day. It is really hard as a girl to get stronger but in an aesthetic way, and Sohrab has managed that seamlessly. I couldn’t have been an easy client because I’ve done a gym routine for so many years, but his workouts always kept me interested and excited for the next one. 


For anyone looking to just get better, stronger and generally more bad-ass, I definitely recommend SOHFIT.





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