I’ve known Sohrab since he got married to Daneesh who happens to be my childhood friends sister and even danced at their wedding! We didn’t speak much but I always heard from everyone that he was the best guy ever. It was only recently, when he was training Priyanka Kapadia, his disciple did I see a transformation that was unbelievable.


I’ve always struggled with my weight but when I saw the Priyanka I knew who didn’t give much of a damn slowly but radically revolutionise her physique I was in awe. That’s probably the first conversation I ever had with Sohrab. He was a lawyer then and said he was passionate about this and wanted to pursue it. We even met a couple of times where he willingly instructed me to implement a few changes in my habits and would eventually start training me. I was inclined but procrastination was always a part of my persona so I didn’t really implement anything fully.


November came and that’s when he started SOHFIT full swing and I started training with him. From being scared and apprehensive about trying things at the time, making excuses for my lack of focus and several things standing in my way of completely dedicating myself to fitness, I learned so so much from him. He never directly said anything to me, undoubtedly  killed me with the workouts without reacting to my drama and excuses . He slowly taught me what it takes to actually achieve what you really really want to  achieve. Not by action but by example, every time I complained about something his reaction would be positive no matter how much I whined. If I asked him something his answer would always be so wise that I would feel like shit this man is really really one of the most determined, disciplined, honest and sincere people I’ve met in my life. I started changing my ways slowly with his advice and my procrastination transformed into determination. 


From my food habits to my sleeping habits to everything. I learned from him that there is nothing you cannot achieve if you just give it your everything that is mind, heart and soul. From being a lazy riser at 9 am, in the new year I started going to his bootcamps at 7 am where I was initially trudging and scared of but now I look forward to! I have lost 6 kg since November and continue to receive compliments everywhere I go and from everyone I know. I could not have done it without Soh and without his dedication . He takes it upon himself to show you the results you wants see and there is no excuse never ever and doesn’t even accept no as an answer lol especially while working out.


I have rarely met someone this passionate about what they do and reap mindblowing results so soon. I feel proud of him and I know this is only the beginning because from starting with 4 people if there are 50 now, the world is to experience what this man is capable of ! It’s beyond well deserved where SOHFIT  has reached. To way way bigger and better achievements for SOHFIT!!


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