I started training with Sohrab last September and there’s been no turning back. He is true to the cause and an inspiration.


Our sessions don’t just end at the gym. What I love is Sohrab’s dedication to each one of us. He follows up on how we feel after our intense workouts, checks up on our meal plans and even sends workout programs for the days we don’t train together. I don’t think of him as a trainer, but more of a life coach. His passion for making you the best version of yourself is what makes you believe in yourself too.


He challenges you to the point where when your body gives up, it’s your mind that keeps you going. I always look forward to my sessions with Sohrab because, of course my body feels great after, but I also enjoy the conversations we have and everything that I learn from him. Gives me food for thought. Great way to start my mornings. More power to you Sohrab and Sohfit! The sky is your limit 🏽



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