Ive always been a fat girl, until I was 30. I was well over 65 kgs and never imagined that I would ever be the size I am today.


I moved back from New York in 2015 and said to myself this wasn’t normal- I was the fattest girl amongst every girl i hung out with. I wanted to wear clothes like they wore and I wanted to look as good as they did. So I decided to change my life and my lifestyle. I lost 15 kgs very gradually and healthily over 2 years. I was working out, running and doing the occasional yoga class and I managed to come down to 52kgs - the thinnest I ever was.


However, there was something lacking in my workouts and couldn’t figured out what it was!! I was still flabby, had zero muscle definition and wasn’t toned at all! 


I heard a few of my friends talk about Sohfit and how amazing he was, so I too decided to start training hoping that I’d see my body change. We started in early November of 2017 which is around when Soh quit his 20hour desk job and not only has he changed his life but most DEFINITELY changed mine.


In the first 3 weeks I saw my body changing, I got leaner, I got toner stronger and fitter! We started twice a week with personal training. He pushed me for a month to join his morning bootcamp’s at 7am and every night I’d text him saying “I’ll be there tomorrow!” He didn’t give up and he continued to push me and nag me to come. January 10th I finally kicked myself out of bed and went for my first bootcamp- I was hooked! We now train 6 times a week between personal training, bootcamps and swimming.


Today I make healthier food choices, my work out regiment set by Soh has gotten me addicted to this workout drug! He has pushed me and continues push me to levels I never  imagined.


I very proudly will say that I am the fittest I’ve ever been and I look the best I’ve ever looked and it wouldn’t have been possible without Soh coming and transforming me inside out. 


We’ve set goals- achieved them

We set new goals- and will achieve them


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