Yes I call him the transformer. Why? I’ll tell you why.


About a couple of months back, we decided to go for SOHFIT drinks. I was shocked to discover that between only 8 SOHFITters, we had lost a cumulative weight of approximately 90 kilos since December 2017. That’s the day I realised what this boy, Sohrab, was made of. All he did was change our lifestyle. His workouts are pure fun and though we complain, all of us trust him completely. We've formed a small SOHFIT community - a community where we help each other at training and (sometimes) at the bar. 


Its strange, I now pray for Monday mornings to come quicker so that I can get back to training. It's an addiction. Yes, SOHFIT is an addiction.  I have recommended it to at least 8 of my friends and each one of them is now addicted to Sohrab's bootcamps. His workouts have a unique twist to it that a lot of other trainers don’t and trust me when I say this (I have trained with 70 percent of South Mumbai trainers).


He has put his sweat into training me - from waking me up at 6 am and waiting under my building to take me with him to the gym to allowing me to train during his own routines because I missed a previous session. I still remember when he said he was quitting his legal career and promised he would take on a complicated character like me. I’m actually saying this on record, I’m his biggest fan. 


Today I’m 13.5 kilos lighter ONLY BECAUSE OF HIS dedication, HIS passion and HIS commitment towards working out and changing my lifestyle. He made me realise that working out in the gym or outside was not a forced decision. Sohrab will always hold a special place in my heart because he taught me one thing - DO WHAT YOU LOVE,  LOVE WHAT YOU DO.


I love his morning bootcamps and I encourage everyone to go for them. It has a lot of different variations of exercises and also includes games we played as little kids. 7 months up and a long way to go Soh. Thank you for this.


Onwards and upwards.

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