Weighing 98 kilos in February 2018 startled me - thats when I decided that I had to get into shape. I practised yoga thrice a week and went to the gym sporadically. However, i felt the need to do something intense and sustainable. Thats when i joined Sohfit but landed up injuring myself during my first bootcamp. Sohrab regularly checked up on me and connected me to experts for my recovery. I started bootcamp in April and Sohrab would make sure that i do exercises that don't put pressure on my recent ingury and at the sametime ensure that the fat continues to burn! He'd also follow up post bootcamp and make sure the that ingury doesn't reccur.

Sohrab has made bootcamps super fun and interesting for a fitness non enthusiast like me. Even if you've turned up for bootcamp all lazy, tired or sleepy - his contagious passion for fitness; his disciplinary attitude; his enthusiasm for your fitness - takes care of it all. He leaves no room in pushing you beyond your limits and makes you realise that its the mind making these limits - whereas the body is ready for more! 

He raises the bar every single time and comes up with a new exercise regime so that monotony never sets in!

The minute you'd want to give up - he'd positively motivate you harder - infact the whole group of Sohfitters will motivate you. Sohrab and the Sohfitters are amazing!!

Sohfit Bootcamps are addictive; they are mind over matter in action; they make you realise that you're stronger than what you think you are; they transform you in ways you've never thought of!

Today I'm fitter, stonger and lighter by 7.5 kilos in 2 months - all thanks to Sohrab! 

More power to Sohrab in making Bombay fitter!



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