I have been experimenting with various forms of exercises since the last 2 years but never found anything rigorous or interesting enough.  I tried everything from zumba, aerobics to pilates etc, but was never consistent with anything.  Even was on Keto for 4 months, till I stumbled across SOHFIT Bootcamps.  To be honest I started all this for vanity, had gained a couple of kilos and being thin all my life, that’s something I wanted to shed. I started with twice a week and now average 4 times a week, both the evening and morning batches.  Every class is something new and challenging, which is brilliant.


One would question how someone could give personal attention to a group ranging from 15 – 20 people. But Sohrab manages to do so effortlessly and has built a community around it. (He checked up on me everyday when I had injured my leg). Whether it’s monthly challenges, or suggestions on clean eating. He keeps you motivated and challenges you to push yourself further. 


I weigh less than I did on Keto and now look forward to the bootcamp sessions. All this is credited to Sohrab and the group at SOHFIT.


Bootcamp is no more about loosing weight (which I have :)), it’s about how much more can I push myself to be faster and fitter. I think he has managed to convert the vanity into a lifestyle aspiring to be “ SOHFIT ".

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