Today I want to talk about something that I feel is important - FALLING OFF THE BANDWAGON. 



Everyone has off days or even weeks. We have that bad meal or a week of unhealthy eating or just don’t train cause we’re tired or unwell or bored. That’s when this phrase gets used a lot - ‘I’ve fallen off the bandwagon’. It got me thinking, what is this bandwagon everyone is on? And why is it so easy to fall off? Why is everyone so hard on themselves if they have that one off day in the gym or if they eat that one bad meal? Does that mean they’re going to suddenly become fat? Does it mean they can never jump back on? 


Fact of the matter is - it’s ok to let yourself go once in a while. It’s ok to not workout for a week or even 2 if your body needs a break or you’re on holiday or unwell or injured - you’re not going to put on all the kilos you’ve worked so hard to lose. In fact, you’ll come back harder and with greater intensity - when you do. The point though is to get back to routine and stop worrying. You ONLY ‘fall off the wagon’ when you stop COMPLETELY. When you quit. Sometimes we use this as an excuse to quit and stop trying. That’s where the problem arises. 


Fitness is suppose to be fun. It’s not a competition. Yes, you have goals and you want to achieve them but it’s important to understand - you’re in it for life - not for 30 or 60 days. And when you’re in it for life you NEVER fall off the wagon. 


This picture with my shoulder all taped up was post my shoulder surgery two years back. I didn’t workout or play sport for 6-8 months after the surgery and wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to. Yes - I did get weak and I did put on a few extra kilos but I told myself it wasn’t something I couldn’t undo. Not only did I get back once I was given the green signal by the doctors - I started working out harder than ever post my recovery and I also got back on the field and started playing my favourite sport in the world and have never felt better. 


So remember - with fitness or sport - you’re in it for life and if you are, you will NEVER ‘fall off the bandwagon'.

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