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7kgs and several inches down I can’t help but look back with so much love and gratitude for the last 40 days. The SOHFIT 40 Day challenge has brought about a whole new level of discipline in my life which I will strive to maintain going forward! It’s a very carefully curated programme which instils the idea of a lifestyle change with proper nutrition and workouts instead of short term goals and fad diets! It also focuses on community building and team spirit! Everyone on this challenge is building each other up on ya hatsapp groups to bring their A game and that makes such a difference!!

This challenge has not only helped me physically but made me stronger person mentally and emotionally. It’s the MOST fun I’ve had eating right and working out with all of these crazies! Safe to say I’m a sohfitter for life now :)

I can’t thank enough coach Nonie,coach Rana, Soh and our fav cheerleader Daneesh for making sure we stick to the plan one day at a time.this challenge is a game changer and feels like the start of a whole new life for me and not just fitness :)

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