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40 days of dedication and commitment later the sense of accomplishment is such an amazing feeling. Never did I or anyone else around me think that I could physically do this. I am so proud of myself to have been able to do this challenge and come out on the other side stronger, little faster and a whole lot slimmer. Thanks to the SOHFIT team, for the first time in a long time I have been able to focus on my own health and fitness. We are all aware of what’s good to eat and what’s not, but finally when someone gave it to me in writing and made me follow it, was when the magic started. Eating clean has had the biggest role to play in how my body performed during the work outs. The combination of eating better and the type of work outs you do during the 40 days is what the winner of this program is. 40 days later and 8kgs lighter, I can easily say I am the strongest I have ever been not only physically but mentally as well. The program is a must for anyone who needs a push in life to do a little better for themselves. Thank you, Soh for pushing me out of my comfort zone & helping me push my own limits.

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