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Writing this testimonial on a Monday after the challenge. It makes me sad that I won’t be reporting my meals, or workouts to anyone.It has been a great 40 days and the results have been amazing! Weight loss wasn’t my goal, I just wanted to focus on strength and stamina, and for the most part I think I have managed that successfully! Thank you coaches for such a terrific program! Every bit of this challenge is so thoughtfully crafted. Results were beyond my expectations, especially my measurements. Happy to say that, this is a great way of life and one that can easily be followed everyday. Its a great feeling physically and mentally to have been able to get to these goals (never imagined doing some of them).

One of the bigger things I wanted to share was the backing of a great community even though it was virtual! It was a completely online challenge for me, and I had my doubts that would I be able to hold up to it through 40 days, but, I did not give up even for a single day, which was amazing! I guess reading everyone’s workouts and meals just motivated me to show up each day and do my bit for myself!! Thank you once again, for everything! Attaching a few photos and videos of my gains/ goals through the challenge (form might be wrong in one video - but attempted a 70kg Deadlift. :) )

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