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When I first read what it would entail in terms of food, I did not think I could do it without "cheating" on the diet. I cook all my meals myself, so the recipes, grocery lists etc. were a big help. The WhatsApp group was also a big help, as it added accountability. In the past, if I would reach home late, I would just order-in as I would be too tired to cook, but being on the group, helped me stay in check and regardless of how tired I was, I went into the kitchen. In a few days, I got used to the routine and did not miss the rice and roti, as much as I thought I would.

The workouts, I thoroughly enjoyed. My stamina has definitely improved. The workouts where a specific number of sets or a specific number of kms were given, I was always able to push myself more on those days as compared to the ones where it said do as many sets for time. I used to run in school, but have been afraid to run, thinking I will injure myself due to my weight. I am happy that I have given running a try through this challenge. Overall, I feel a lot lighter, my clothes fit a lot better and I am highly motivated to continue this further. A big thank you to your entire team! 3. I have filled out the online survey. Additionally, I would love some guidelines as to how to continue on this path, in recent years, I have lost 12 kgs twice but gained it all back (and more), so it is a big concern for me. I am keen on joining the 40 day challenge as well, have already sent an email requesting for the details.

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