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I kept thinking how I would feel on the 40th day, would I like it or would I dread going for work outs. Then as the days went by I understood what the fuss and obsession was about. Everyday I would wait for camp. At first I felt I couldn’t keep up . I would keep looking at the others and feel crap about how badly I was doing. But I think the switch happened after I got sick. Post that I somehow felt I could complete the work outs without really competing with anyone else.

My competition finally became with myself and to be able to push myself. My body also starting helping me and actually supporting me when I wanted to throw in the towel. But my biggest support was Sohrab and his team and his community that he has “nurtured” for these 40 days. He was my coach , guide , therapist , mentor all in one and after that first “airing grievance” meeting at Sequel and him telling me just come for class and see. I SAW. Finally for me it wasn’t about the weight that I was supposed to loose but about how much I loved coming to class and seeing how my body was responding to the work outs. If someone told me that they did 100 squats 100 push ups 100 sit ups 100 shoulder presses in 30 mins I would have said Don’t LIE! Now it’s just another Thursday at Beyond. Thank you so much Sohrab , Wadia and Nonie and Daneesh you don’t know how overwhelmed I am on this final night of the 40 day challenge.

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