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I started the challenge as a morbidly obese sugar addict. Sugar was my Kryptonite and Nutella was my poison. I’ve been struggling with my weight for over a decade or so with many hits and misses. Something always went wrong - from nutrition to injuries to workouts to my mental state. Something was off.

Anyway at the onset I thought the challenge would be another hit and miss where I would give up pretty quickly. Confidence overall had taken a beating for the first time in my life. I have been training on and off for a year with 14 odd kilos to show before I started #theSOHFIT40DayChallenge (dreading it and scared of failure). A strange metamorphosis has taken place, 40 days down the line no sugar, no unhealthy food, not missed a single workout, not tempted to cheat or eat sugar, going to all the restaurants I ridiculed before 19 August 2019 and, most of all, loving the clean food I’ve been eating. Never knew I had it in me. And 14 kilos down in 40 days!

The community, encouragement on the group and making clean eating easy, bearable, tolerable is what this challenge is all about. The workouts are brilliant. Not the long, arduous ones which I used to dread but ones that make you look forward to getting to the gym and crushing it! The challenge has made me see food in a different, healthier and positive light. This challenge has been a game changer for me for shiz! Can't thank you enough Sohrab, couldn't have done it without you.

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