The SOHFIT 40 Day Online Challenge is our way to kick-start your fitness journey and get you faster, fitter and stronger. 40 days is a great amount of time to prove to yourself that change is possible, and it might not be as hard as you think. We will achieve this through an online training and nutrition program that is realistic and manageable for the everyday person.


Over 40 days, you will train for 40 minutes each day – and you will be challenged! The workouts cater to all levels, so don't worry if you are a beginner or advanced. We’ve got you covered! You will also be given detailed nutrition guidelines developed by a qualified nutritionist, including a Dos and Don'ts list, general meal plan and an amazing recipe book.  


The SOHFIT team will also support you throughout your 40 day journey, helping to keep you on track and achieve your goals. You will be part of a limited Whatsapp group with senior SOHFIT coaches, where you can ask questions and share your eating and exercise activities on a daily basis – we have found that community is one of the most effective ways to keep our SOHFITTERS motivated.


New Challenge Begins: 19th August, 2019

Registration: Email info@sohfit.com

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