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When I signed up for this challenge, I had no idea it was going to change everything! I got into #THESOHFIT40DAYCHALLENGE a week late, printed out the recipes, the dos and don’ts and began the workouts, all with a daily reporting to Nonie and Sohrab. The sugar cravings kicked in fast, and I wanted my doodhwaali extra sweet chai. On day 14 I had had it… and after a week of no milk or sugar, I physically felt sick. So I began to realize that my craving for certain foods is only a slave of my habits of the past. Struggling with the workouts and diet for me was monumentally made easier because I knew 10 other people were doing it with me and we’re all slogging it out together... and for me that’s the beauty of this challenge ... you’re never alone. That’s why this challenge has an edge, fantastic people and inspirational leaders!

I started off at 54.5 kilos, addicted to my corset, and body image issues that nagged at me perpetually. 33 days later I not only love eating healthy food, I prefer it unconsciously. Not to say I don’t miss my biryani (not with the full force of a craving though!), but when I have it it’s not going to feel like a cheat meal but a reward for all my hard work. I’m ending at 51 kilos, 4 inches slimmer, a shifted food consciousness and a really happy body. I hope this is the start of making lifelong superior choices, because I’m never looking back and I’m ripping up my corset. Thank you Nonie, Sohrab and SOHFIT!!!


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