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I can’t believe 40 days are up. When I decided to start this challenge with my friends, I wasn’t sure I’d actually be able to see it through. I have a terrible sweet tooth, and absolutely no control when it comes to my favourite food! Was it easy? Not at the start, but as we got into the swing of the things, and with the constant encouragement of the whatsapp community this challenge comes with, it slowly became easier. And today, on day 40, I’m sorry to see it end. I’ve eaten right, cheated much much less than I thought I would, and have consistently become stronger each week. I’ve worked up to a 10-kg kettlebell from never using a kettlebell before, and have found myself actually looking forward to a workout - which has definitely never happened before! Other than the weight loss, there’s another unexpected, but happy result - an absence of the debilitating PMS migraines that I used to suffer from. Maybe it’s the exercises or the diet, or both, but I haven’t had a migraine since I started. So thank you Nonie, for being there, and thank you Sohrab, for the programme and your wisdom! I think you should change the name of this from the 40 Day Challenge to the 40 Day Evolution!!


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