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Up until April 1, this was not Ms Perry traipsing in a burger but a happy foodie. Unapologetic, unafraid, the reigning office Chaat champ, I was proud to be one. On a lark and the nagging persistence of @priyankarkapadia I joined my bestie @renukamodi and signed up for @sohfitofficials 40 day challenge. Went in not realising the seismic shift 40 days could bring in my relationship with food and health. Worked out 36 of the 40 days, something I had not done since...never mind, let’s not get bored by the details. Made small powerful changes to my diet. And before I knew it the dread turned into the doing and without any serious thought it started changing my priorities. It became easier to eat better and to say no to the stuff that did no good. I cheated a couple of times but it was restricted to a bite here and there. One sev puri could do what 12 did before. Tomorrow maybe the last day of the challenge. But it’s the first day of the rest of my life. I am unafraid,, unapologetic, and a convert to eating better and working out regularly. 40 days = 4 kgs and 4 times the energy. There are no shortcuts. But @sohfitofficial has helped me start of this journey beautifully. Thanks @nonie.tuxen @sohrabk82 you guys have been inspiring and amazing. When do we do this again? #sohfit40daychallenge #sohfit

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