If you’re looking for an online holistic workout program all year long, designed to make you stronger and fitter, the SOHFIT BUILD Program is for you! All you need is your phone to communicate with us via WhatsApp. You can be anywhere in the world, in any time zone!


We have always believed training should be incorporated as a part of your routine and should not be perceived as something your resort to for the next big occassion. That was our idea behind the SOHFIT Build Program - to ensure that people can train year long. 

  • A holistic approach to health and fitness that works on all aspects of fitness- Strength, Cardiovascular & Muscular Endurance, Speed, Agility, Balance and Mobility. 


  • Gym & Home Based Workout Formats with Machine and Free Weight Alternatives. 


  • Regular Fitness Tests to help you track your progress overtime, beat your previous PR and map your progress.


  • A weekly split for better recovery & performance, and injury prevention.


  • Learn new skills and complex movements 

  • Nutrition Guidelines

  • Access to weights is compulsory. At a minimum, you’ll need two sets of dumbbells (a lighter pair for upper body and a heavier set for lower body) but,

  • We would strongly suggest having a wider range of options so that you can be properly challenged during the strength workout.

  • A skipping rope (if you can skip)

  • Bench, box or sturdy chair/stool that you can step or jump onto.

  • A foam roller and tennis/lacrosse ball for mobility drills.

Image by Victor Freitas
The Pricing Structure
The Duration & Cost

Each Build cycle lasts 4 weeks, with the option to sign up for 1, 3, or 6 months.

The fees are non-transferable, but you can pause your Build membership should you wish to join a Challenge or any of our Programs.


Workouts:INR 8,260 (7,000 + 18% GST)

Details for the 3 & 6 month subscription on the Register Now button

Upcoming Start Dates

23rd May 

6th June

If you are not paying in INR, please note our payment gateway allows you to pay via international credit and debit cards. For any queries, please do email accounts@sohfit.com.