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I am the happiest around food, but was I happy when I was told not to have fries for 40 days? After these 40 days, I can proudly say a big yes! For anyone who knows me, can imagine how hard this was for me.

On 1 April, I went on a journey that even I hadn’t imagined I could ever pull off. #THESOHFIT40DAYCHALLENGE was not only about the pretty food pictures I used to put up in my stories. It was about kicking my ass to go to the gym or run on the street, it was about eating right and watching what I eat, it was about making new choices and being your stronger self.

When you start looking after yourself and when you’re aware of the choices you make, that’s when the change starts to begin. Choosing not to give in when everyone around me was binging on pizza or chips. Choosing not to give in when I had no motivation to workout. But there will be days when I will give in, I will miss out gym sessions and I will only want to binge on food. But it will be ok, as long as I am aware of my decisions, as long as I realise when I am off the path, and as long as I come out stronger the next time. Thanks SOHFIT for this challenge, where I realised what I was capable of. Thanks Nonie for always being there listening to my whines and motivating me when I had lost hope. This is just the beginning for me. I have so much to lose and much more to gain!

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