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Those that know me, know that even a 40 minute commitment to any form of exercise would’ve been a huge challenge for me. I lacked focus, dedication and most of all was unmotivated. Well hello friends (SOHFITTERS), cause that was the old me. The new me is not just committed to both healthy eating and fitness, but also to making a long term lifestyle change and maintaining it. All credit to SOHFIT and a big thank you to the ever-inspiring Sohrab.

My journey began with me being scared. Scared of the commitment, scared of the food restrictions and basically just scared of the lack of results, as I didn’t expect much with my body type and fondness for food. I won’t lie - it did take me the first 2 weeks to just get into the groove, but post that it’s been an amazing rollercoaster ride. Think: a very fun rollercoaster with its daily shares of highs and lows, where the lower you are cause of being burnt out, tired or sore in a workout the higher the HIGH!!! I really started enjoying the daily workouts and even looking forward to the next day. That’s when I begun to see real change, both in body and mind.

Sohrab’s mantra of staying on path and not worrying about results for the first 30 days shut my mind to the returns and helped me focus on putting in everything to each daily workout. The fruits of which I’m enjoying today. A big shout out to the amazing Nonie for constantly lending an ear and her amazing recipes and Parvez for his awesome energy and motivation.

So here goes, FOURTY amazing days later I stand stronger, fitter and more committed to the concept and idea of fitness - which I realise today I think about very differently. Thank you SOHFIT for adopting me as family and changing my life in these 40 days. I have so much gratitude for this and respect for everyone on path with their fitness journey.

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