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I am so glad I took this challenge up. I can feel like my stamina and strength has actually improved - but more so my food habits. My sweet tooth cravings have gone down, I don't see myself getting that tempted and I am actually loving the whole healthy eating bit. I have never worked out so consistently for this long. Besides that, I have never enjoyed working out so much. Kudos to the most awesome bootcamp sessions! The sessions have always been so good but last month was just something else, so much so that I actually pushed going back to London by a week so I could do the final week in class and not by myself. LOL! So grateful to you guys for being so awesome, for checking up on us all the time, for pushing us. I don't think I would have come this far otherwise. Sohrab - Thank you so so much for all those encouraging essays. Honestly, they have been so well-timed and judicious. And of course, thank you for making this challenge happen! Nonie - Thank you so much for pushing us all the time and helping us get better class after class. You have been so awesome to make sure we don't get laidback and that we keep challenging ourselves. Thank you for keeping us in check hahah. Parvez - Thank you for keeping an eye on us to ensure we don't cheat hahah. Honestly, your motivation keeps us on our toes.

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