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I don’t know where to start… it’s quite emotional to say bye to this incredible group. How it connected all these people with this purpose cannot be explained in words. It’s definitely been a life changing experience for me. How to keep your food on track is one of the most important things I have learnt in the process. As an athlete, I always gave more importance to working out than food… that definitely couldn’t yield best results for me.

Now after this whole process, I realised that food is the most important thing that should be kept under check and you don’t have to exhaust yourself for 2/3 hours to become your fittest self. It’s all about making smart choices, and the group was incredible and encouraging. And SOHFIT team, you guys have been amazing and encouraging all through. I’m glad that I made the right choice to take part in this challenge (though I was lil doubtful about all this in the beginning, as I don’t know you people personally). Today I’m thankful to myself for taking that decision that day and joined it. There is much more to say that just cannot be put into words. I’m just waiting for the challenge to start again. I’m glad that I got such amazing coaches. You guys are incredible. Thank you for everything guys. Can’t wait for it to start again!


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