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“Fitness is a frame of mind, a habit. Actually, a lifestyle. Remember, everyone’s body is different."

These are the words I’ll be taking away from SOHFIT trainers Sohrab and Nonie!

I got pulled into the challenge thanks to my close friend Latika. But the point was to shed the extra kgs and inches that I’d gained over the last year or so. Moving cities, travelling, not eating right, not paying attention. I was yearning to be back to my 'original size'. Moreover, to be a physically fitter and stronger version of me.

Loved SOHFIT for the workout formats, the flexibility in the meals one could plan, the persistence that the team showed in following up with each one of us. The enthusiasm and determination of every person on the 40 Day Challenge was very motivating - inspiring even. While I had to skip a few days (more than I would have liked to) because of travels, work and some bad days... Here I am today,

7kgs lighter, many inches less, dropped a size. And while I’m continuing my fitness journey, I’m thankful to SOHFIT for bringing back the 'physical' me in me! :)

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